My links


Mariella de Martini, who teaches Astanga in Oxford, the most knowledgeable Astanghi teacher in town and my first teacher!

Fred Beigbeder, teaching in Paris, the one who gave me the confidence to teach!

Danny Paradise, inspiring, fun and uplifting, he teaches all over the world

Richard Freeman, impressive! Catch him if you can!

John Scott,, one of my favourites.

Donna Farhi,, she has so much to teach me, I wish she was living closer!!!

Emil Wendel,, his breathing techniques and meditation are the best!

Heather Elton,, dedicated yogini, tough but fair teaching, transformative experience.

Peter Roussel,, find him

Judith Hanson Lasater,, restorative yoga, amazing talks.

Gerard Arnaud,, if in Paris go and try!

And so many, so many more….EXPLORE!


Uma Dinsmore-Tuli “Yoni Shakti: a woman’s guide to power and freedom through yoga and tantra”

Eric Baret, find him on YouTube, he is a teacher in the tantric tradition.

Daniel Odier, his books “Désirs, passions et spiritualité”, and “Tantra”

Donna Farhi “Bringing yoga to life”

David Swenson “Ashtanga yoga, the practice manual”

Krishnamurti “Flight of the eagle”

Caroline Myss “Anatomy of the spirit”

Don Miguel Ruiz “The four Agreements”

Satish Kumar “You are, therefore I am”

Thich Nhat Hanh “Teachings on Love”

Mark Singleton “Yoga body, the origins of modern posture practice”

Rumi, poems

Desikashar “The heart of yoga”

Vanda Scaravelli “Awakening the Spine”

Georg Feuerstein “The Shambala Encyclopedia of yoga”

Patanjali “The yoga Sutras”

Swami Satyananda Saraswati “Yoga and Kriya”

And of course all the books by BKS IYENGAR.

Yoga retreats/Yoga holidays/Yoga workshops